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It's a place where God also resides & reigns. A Christian environment which was started through Baptist Union mission & vision. This place has become a place of prayer and retreat for all Christians from all denominations.


To create an environment where Christians are able to glorify God. To be a salt of the earth and also the light of the world. Our Mission is to always represent Christ in all that we do.   



Love God

Love Our Service

Love People 


Radiate Christ

I have been coming to Lefika for the past twenty years and  it was at this place where I prayed and God restored my marriage which was about to end.

Church Leader - Senior Pastor

The professionalism from everyone and the Lord shown to us by Pastor Mothiboseng was amazing. I enjoyed the morning devotions he used to share with us as campers. 


I accepted Christ at a youth camp which was at Lefika in 2000.  

John Dumela

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